David Wiggs

Chicago, IL


I’m currently the Azure Architect at Cooler Screens, where we use technology including IoT, cloud, artificial intelligence, and high-resolution displays to transform brick-and-mortar retail. You may have seen our product in Walgreens stores in Chicagoland. I have been testing in production since 2012, and prefer to script it than to click it. I am a Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, and Azure Security Engineer Associate.

My general interests include: Microsoft Azure, scripting and automation (PowerShell), Infrastructure as Code, information security, large-scale network optimization, variations of the Transportation Problem, and paintball. If you share similar interests as me, check out my blog at https://awshole.com

If you see me out and about, know that I prefer my (Titos) martinis dirty, extra shaken, with extra olives. Feel free to ask me about: Linear and non-linear optimization (I’m really a math nerd), fun things to do in Cape Town, SA, or tasty options for dinner in Chicago.