Elizabeth Fiennes



I’ve been in testing and QA since 1998 (yes, we had computers way back then).

Since then I got some time off for two people shaped development projects of my own.

I am cat slave to a very large and opinionated Tuxedo Tom who likes walking across keyboards and spilling tea.

Doing talks and writing blogs were not something I was comfortable with so I challenged myself to do a lot of them in 2018 which was an interesting and social experiment. It also led to me making new wonderful friends which is one of the best outcomes of breaking out of any comfort zone.

For 2019, I am going to (re)learn C#, start to play the drums, study Italian and continue to use my evil powers for good.

My Talks

150 hours of testing

Am I going to smash my phone? - A testers guide to uncovering issues via risk assessment

A whole team approach to uncovering risk

How incorporating accessibility into your product design can make the world a better place

How to get stated with testing Progressive Web Apps

The BS* of BDD (*Basic Sham) - How to fix it when your BDD is not working