Erik Zaadi



DadOps supreme, been doing web since FrontPage98, Operations since .bat was extreme and all around geek, previously a Team Leader, now a passionate IC. Addicted to automating ALL THE THINGZ, from CI to opening doors. DadPun advocate, PagerDaddy.

Been doing public speaking since 2016, mainly on DevOpsDays: DevOpsDays TLV 2016 (Scaling Humans: BigPanda’s Fabulous ChatOps Adventure - , Discover How Surprisingly Similar it is to do Kung Fu and Devops - Jenkins User Conference 2017 (Immutable infrastructure using Jenkins - Reversim 2019 (Managing for dummies: Managing people smarter than you - Hebrew DevOpsDays TLV 2019 (Rick and (post)Morty - , Pull Request Etiquette -