Eriol Fox

Bristol UK


Eriol is a designer who’s worked in mainly in-house roles with periods of agency, freelance and study for 9+ years. A graduate of fine art pivoting into visual design, progressing through digital, UI and UX and everything in-between.

They have recently finished a masters degree looking at the user experience journey of people with terminal illness and the people that care for them and now works as a designer for Ushahidi ( a humanitarian, non-profit technology leader developing open, crowdsourcing tools to help people raise their voice and those who serve them to listen and respond better.

Eriol is a non-binary/genderfluid, queer person who uses they/them pronouns who, in their talks, often covers LGBTQ+ representation in visual design as well as some of the trans/non-binary issues that tend to overlap. They also cover some representations of ethnicity and visible/non-visible disabilities.

My Talks

Designing for crisis - Research in emergency services and international disaster relief aid.

Diverse representations in design and awkward conversations with colleagues

How your unique experience can influence tech products

The links between UX design and trauma and abuse.