A lightning tour through the Cloud Native Landscape

By Erwin de Keijzer

Elevator Pitch

During this lightning talk Erwin will go through as much as the Cloud Native Landscape as possible. Expect a lot of slides and opinions! You will learn what the projects (claim to) do and how easy they are to use and what benefits they offer over the competitors.


A lightning tour through the Cloud Native Landscape

Have you heard about the Cloud Native Landscape? It’s an awesome initiative that gives an overview of software you can use to build cloud native applications. But it also takes a lot of time to look into all the projects, let alone get a PoC done with each. But you don’t have to, Erwin has done some work for you and will guide you through the projects. Expect a lot of slides, lots of opinions, some gophers, a unicorn and even some cockroaches.

How do etcd, consul and zookeeper compare? Why would you want to use DC/OS and not kubernetes or docker swarm? Does manta offer benefits over minio? What the hell is a kubicorn? And why do so much of the cloud native storage providers use animals in their logos?

Answers to some of these questions and lots of questions you wouldn’t ask will all be given in this fast paced presentation.


In my role as a DevOps Consultant @ Snow B.V. I have had the opportunity to work with multiple companies and teams willing to implement cloud native solutions. Part of my responsibility is to be up to date with all new technologies, and the cloud native landscape really helps with that. I go over it at least once a month to find new additions and try to implement them in my side projects as much as possible.