Erik Tiengo

Italy - Brescia - Lake Iseo


I am an environmental engineer that the experience of two years in Denmark in 1999 was problem-solving oriented. Information technology has become an instrument for me to solve any problem I encounter in my industry. And in the latter case, information technology is called GIS (Geographic Information System). Since 2003 (once back in Italy) I have become a freelancer specialized more and more in the management of spatial data contained in relational databases (Oracle all) through a catalog offered by ESRI (ArcSDE). From 2003 to 2011 I worked with all the commercial partners of ESRI in northern Italy and with the main systems integrators as national support for issues related to the management of GIS. From 2014 to 2016, I assumed the role of Technical Director (CTO) and subsequently CEO (CEO) of GisItalia, where I was lucky enough to meet and train my current team. From 2016 until today I have undertaken as instructors with different types of courses: the internal company GisItalia, concerning the learning of GIS software in Open Source and the use of Agile methodology for the implementation of projects and for different types of clients in the Northern Italy and Switzerland. Each course aimed not only at teaching the client to use the required software, but also to convey the importance of being a problem solver for oneself. From 2017 all my efforts are directed to the GisUp project that I hope will contribute to make GIS even easier to integrate and manage: for me the approach to the “3 PPython - PostgreSQL - PostGIS is essential.