Per Friis

Copenhagen, Denmark


With a career spanning over three decades in the technology sector, I am a seasoned IT professional who began my journey in the mid-1980s. My foundational expertise lies in systems like DOS and OS/2, transitioning seamlessly into the Windows ecosystem. My roles have been diverse and influential, including positions as a Software Engineer, Solution IT Architect, General IT Architect, Project Manager, Scrum Master, and various senior and technical leadership positions.

Since 2010, my focus has shifted to mobile app development, primarily in iOS, backed by a strong understanding of backend technologies. My skills also extend into electronic design and embedded programming, allowing me to engage in what I describe as “truly full-stack development.”

A forerunner in adopting new technologies, I embraced Swift programming just before the release of its second version, exemplifying my commitment to riding the leading—and sometimes bleeding—edge of technology. My professional journey has been marked by roles in prestigious organizations such as Maersk, Novo Nordisk, IBM, Microsoft, and Apple.

However, the core of my professional identity is my entrepreneurial spirit. Over the last four years, I have dedicated myself to developing a navigation solution for the blind and visually impaired, NaviBlind a project that has garnered support from various organizations, including the European Space Agency (ESA). This venture not only underscores my technical prowess but also reflects my commitment to using technology for social good.