IoT & Edge Analytics Demystified: Build it Today!

By Louis Frolio

Talk Abstract

Do you want to learn more about planning for IoT, using the tools and systems for collecting and analyzing data on the edge?

This workshop walks you through building an edge-sensor system where data is collected and analyzed from common IoT elements in an edge-gateway architecture.

Talk Description

With the advent of IoT, connected devices, and sensors, data is being generated at a phenomenal rate, particularly at the edge of the network. IDC’s FutureScape for IoT report found that by 2019, 40% of IoT data will be stored, processed, analyzed and acted upon at the edge of the network where it is created (1).

Why at the edge? Turns out that sensor data, in most cases has a shelf life. That is, its value is realized within a narrow window after its creation. Further, analytics at the edge provides many other benefits some which include (2):

• Reduced Cloud Costs • Local Reaction • Increased System Scalability • Reduced Data to be Analyzed • Bandwidth and Network Resilient

This workshop examines current architectural approaches to analytics at the edge, which includes IoT devices, sensors, network communications with edge gateways, and cloud data centers.

You will have a hands-on experience with sensor devices and examine how they collect, process, and analyze data at the edge. Expect to handle electronic devices and augment their code to process and analyze data at the edge.

The workshop culminates with a complete edge to cloud sensor network.

[1] IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Internet of Things 2017 Predictions. Accessed 11/10/2017 via [2] Preimesberger, C. (July 2017). 10 Benefits of Analyzing Data at the Edge in an IoT Environment. Accessed 11/10/2017 via


This workshop requires internet access and that participants bring their own laptop. We will provide (for the duration of the workshop) the necessary physical devices that the participants need to complete the workshop.

IBM is a recognized global leader in IoT, Cloud, Cognitive, and Analytics. Louis Frolio and Ashley Troggio bring the benefits of working with IoT industry thought leaders, and have direct and applicable knowledge of Advanced Analytics, IoT, and Cloud Computing.