Don't just guess it, test it! - React testing patterns for the modern apps

By Ivan Jovanovic

Elevator Pitch

Developing apps is hard, but it’s even harder to make sure that your apps are always working as expected. Testing became one of the crucial parts of software development lifecycle and it’s really important to do it. I am here to present you some of the best practices for quality and fast tests.


At 5 AM in the morning, I got an email from a client saying that one of our features in the React app doesn’t work. Everyone was in a panic that morning and we were struggling to find and fix a bug. Clients were mad, users weren’t able to use the app and we were trying to fix something that we thought that worked before we did a new deployment the previous day. That day was a disaster and we finally found a bug and fixed it. One click on a deploy button and everyone was happy again. But where we failed? We didn’t test our app properly. We did a deployment of the code and it “should” work. This is the last time we did the same mistake! That day I learned how much testing is important and started to investigate what are the best practices for easily write fast tests and can tell you if your app is working in no time. I want to share that with everyone and I am presenting you the tools and practices that helped me to never make the same mistake again.