Saas based development - how to use saas platforms for fast development?

By Ivan Jovanovic

Elevator Pitch

The way we’re building software is changing. Nowadays you don’t really need to think about scaling and maintenance, you can get some help from other tools. In this talk, I’m going to share how my team managed to successfully deliver projects with minimal effort, by using 3rd party saas product APIs.


Development time became really expensive for companies. Handling big infrastructures for millions of users is hard, expensive and almost impossible for some companies. That’s where saas applications are coming in. They have scalable infrastructures, good features that we need (authentication, subscription, CMS, e-commerce etc.) and our only job is to make a small app that will handle them and make communication. We basically leave most of our infrastructure into other peoples hand. Is it good or bad? Let’s see in this talk. I’ll try to explain the pros and cons of this architecture trend.