React State - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Ivan Jovanovic

Elevator Pitch

React ecosystem is changing every day, new modules, and new tools are shipped every day. But we’re still struggling with the most important part of applications, the data. How to work with it, where to store it, what are the best practices? Those are just some of the questions I’ll try to answer.


This talk is focused on the React ecosystem, especially on the data handling. What are the mistakes that we’re making every day? Are new tools and features good for us? I’ll try to show all patterns that we use every day, from the oldest to the newest ones and to give the best answer to the question: what should I use now to handle my application state? I’ll go through state handling patterns and give a comparison between Redux, GraphQL, Mobx, Context API, Hooks API etc. and deep dive into the problem and possible solutions. Remember, we don’t want the hype-driven solution, we want something that’s really good, performant, and that works well with our use cases.