Making React reactive

By Ivan Jovanovic

Elevator Pitch

As you may know, React is not reactive at all. In this talk, you’ll learn about some great tools that can make React reactive and learn what is reactive programming and why it’s so awesome. Let’s see how to think in a Reactive way, how to properly use streams and improve your apps.


What is reactive programming? A lot of people have this question. Thinking in a reactive way is not that hard but it takes some time to understand all things and to change the way you look at development. In this talk we should learn everything about reactive programming and how can it help us to create better JavaScript apps. We’ll also see some good examples and also talk about functional programming.

Since React is most popular framework these days, I’ll show that it’s not reactive at all but we can make it reactive.

The talk should be separated into 3 parts. They are: 1. Introduction to Reactive programming 2. Why is Reactive programming so awesome and why you should start using it on your next project? 3. What about React, is it reactive? Nope, let’s make it!

All parts will have code and examples from real projects.


Regarding technical requirements, I don’t need anything special.

I think that I am the best person for this talk because I’ve been using a reactive paradigm for a long time now and I have real project experience. I love to experiment with it and I think that I’ve learned enough to share my knowledge with the world! I have already given talks about Reactive programming and React and people love it!