How to integrate RxJS into React?

By Ivan Jovanovic

Elevator Pitch

RxJS is the Reactive extension for JavaScript and in this workshop, you’ll learn how to use it with React. Your React app needs a better way to deal with side effects and data streams. You shouldn’t be afraid of async calls from your app anymore. Let’s start dealing with that, in a reactive way!


This workshop is about the integration of RxJS library inside React and creating beasts that can handle any time of the async request and easily communicate with any 3rd party API or other side effects.

We will first go through Reactive programming and RxJS library in couple slides and a little live coding. Then we will start with an empty React app and implement RxJS library. After that, we’ll create couple apps that demonstrate how streams work and compare that will the “regular” way of handling async requests in React framework. At the end of the workshop, participants should understand what RxJS and reactive programming are, how to implement them in their React apps and what are pros and cons of reactive programming.

  • This might change a bit when the workshop comes, I might come with some better ideas how to explain this methodology to the participants.


For this workshop, everyone needs to have laptops or any other device they use for coding. We’ll need the internet and a projector. That should probably be all, everything else is my job ;)