Node.js Microservices - the definitive guide

By Ivan Jovanovic

Elevator Pitch

Docker, Kubernetes, event bus, microservices, API gateway… So many unknown words and more important, unknown architecture. I’ve written a lot of microservices and found some best practices to develop scalable and maintainable apps. This is the definitive guide for building the Node microservices.


This talk is about Node.js microservices. The talk will go through the common terms and tools, such as Docker, Kubernates, Event Busses, API Gateways and so on and explain them to visitors. But the biggest focus of the talk is “what’s the best way to combine those tools” and write beautiful and scalable Node microservices. They should be small, independent and they should do just one function.

The talk will contain tips that from my experience and it will have examples of the code and images (graphs) with the architecture.

After this talk, the visitors are able to create good and scalable microservice architecture and deploy it. They’ll have the confidence to share the knowledge with the coworkers and will be able to convince lead developers in the company to try this architecture. I started to implement this in my current company and we’re not going back!


Regarding the technical requirements, I just need HDMI cable or some converter to HDMI. I have the Logitech presenter and everything else I need. On you can find my talks and previous experience. There are couple videos from the conferences too.