10 gold rules for designing microservices

By Ivan Jovanovic

Elevator Pitch

Building and maintaining microservice applications is hard. If you don’t do it right, it will be harder. What are the gold rules for designing microservices for achieving the best performance and maintainability? I got 10 of them and that will definitely change the way you build your applications.


This is the story about microservices. I’ve prepared 10 gold rules that I’ve learned over the years and I’m sure that if you use them, you’ll be successful. Every team that listened to my advice was able to successfully use microservices to make scalable and maintainable apps. Microservice architecture even made them change their teams and the way they work. This is a story about making a good product and changing the bad habits, this is a story about 10 rules that changed everything!


Regarding the technical requirements, I just need HDMI cable or some converter to HDMI. I have the Logitech presenter and everything else I need. On https://ivanjov.com/talks/ you can find my talks and previous experience. There are couple videos from the conferences too.