Agile, Async, Remote

By Ivan Jovanovic

Elevator Pitch

How to successfully run a remote team, have async communication and be agile at the same time. I’ll share tips and tricks that I’ve learned for 8 years of remote work and leading remote teams. Learn how to make the happy team that delivers a lot!


After more than 8 years of remote work, leading remote teams and helping companies to go remote, I’ve learned a lot. There were so many problems, so many hard decisions, but at the end, we learned a lot and that’s what I’d like to share. Making software is not so much about writing the code, it’s about the people, their needs, team and the team effort. This talk will show you how I managed to transform companies to deliver more, have distributed team and the most important, have a satisfied people that can together deliver a lot of work. How we hire people, split the work, work together, you’ll hear everything on this talk!

The talk will include: 1. Tips and tricks for making remote team 2. How to start with the remote team? 3. How I successfully changed traditional companies into remote companies? 4. Where to find people, how to hire them, how to teach them to be happy in the distributed environment? 5. What are the main pros and cons of a distributed teams? 6. How to be distributed but still be agile and use scrum?

This talk will show a real life experience and I’ll try to transfer my knowledge to all visitors. I am extremely happy with a distributed team and I’ll continue to help teams and companies in the future.


Regarding the technical requirements, I just need HDMI cable or some converter to HDMI. I have the Logitech presenter and everything else I need. On you can find my talks and previous experience. There are couple videos from the conferences too.