Microservices and Graphql

By Ivan Jovanovic

Elevator Pitch

Hmm, microservices architecture and graphql, that sounds interesting, right? That’s the perfect way to split your monolith backend and integrate it with the React or any other frontend framework. Come to hear the story about the love between microservices and graphql and start using them today!


This talk is about my personal use case from a company Welltok where I currently work. We’re successfully using microservices architecture and with React and Angular on the frontend. The graphql is here to help us connect frontend and backend and easily exchange data. This is, in my opinion, the perfect use case for the modern apps. I’ll show you examples of the code that’s running in the production now and will try to convince the visitors to at least try this. They won’t regret!

The talk will include: 1. Introduction to microservices 2. Introduction to graphql 3. A lot of code examples 4. Pros and cons about this microservices and graphql usage 5. A story and the use case that we use now in production 6. How to scale, test and maintain those apps

After this talk, visitors should be able to make apps using microservice architecture and implement graphql as an API and use React or any other framework with it.


Regarding the technical requirements, I just need HDMI cable or some converter to HDMI. I have the Logitech presenter and everything else I need. On https://ivanjov.com/talks/ you can find my talks and previous experience. There are couple videos from the conferences too.