Jan Wysocki



I am an Engineer. I love to employ logic, science and experience to engineer solutions that will just do the work and solve the problems. I always look for simplicity and efficiency. I am big evangelist for being lean and agile. I am an Architect. I find a passion in designing the world around me using available resources, technologies and collective power of professional team. Understanding the fact that truly great design is the one that is finally brought into reality. I am an Explorer. I always look for new ways to get things done, I ask a lot of questions, I challenge as-is and I am continuously trying to determine my own personal limits. I am a Manager and even if I constantly improve the way I manage myself I understand that you can be only as successful as your team is. I find great joy in developing people and observing as they grow. They know they can trust me, that I have their back, that I know how to listen and they say it is fun to work with me. I guess that’s why they like to follow me. I guess that makes me a Leader as well.