From Zero to Hero in 7 ~~hours~~ years (and counting). Tales of DevRel Practitioner.

By Baruch Sadogursky

Elevator Pitch

In this talk, Baruch will share his experiences and learning as a DevRel Practitioner with JFrog for the last 7 years. And yes, he’ll talk about KPIs and metrics, too.


After 7 years in DevRel in JFrog, Baruch knows one thing: in DevRel learning never stops. In this talk, he will talk about what he learned over his career and will share his experience on the most important topics in DevRel: First of all, of course, KPIs and metrics, but also, where (and how) the money comes from, hiring, management (since it’s not only self-management now), some other important stuff like too much travel, and last, but not least, KPIs and metrics. But remember, learning never stops! What are the changes we’ll learn he’s wrong about everything?!


Per Atsushi’s request:

Every audiences want know about more practice methods. So how does JFrog do DevRel, what is important metrics in your company, how to distribute your developer marketing budgets, and how to manage your team?