DevOps @Scale (Greek Tragedy in 3 Acts)

By Baruch Sadogursky

Elevator Pitch

As in a good Greek Tragedy, scaling devops to big teams has 3 stages and usually end badly. In this play (it’s more than a talk!) we’ll present you with Pentagon Inc, and their way to scaling devops from a team of 3 engineers to a team of 100 (spoiler – it’s painful!)


In this talk we’ll take you to a scaling journey, from 3 developers to a 100. We’ll talk about the challenges each milestone in this growth brings, both technological and methodological, and how to solve those challenges using the right mix of people, the right selection of tools and the correctly crafted process. The speakers excel in the different aspects of this triangle and went through this journey (more than once) themselves. And the fun and entertaining presentation as a Greek tragedy can’t hurt, can it?


That’s a compilation of the takeaways from working with huge organizations and their DevOps process - what processes they build, what tools they use, what works and what is not.

We delivered it at multiple DevopsDays and other DevOps related events, and it always was a blast!

We are extremely excited by this talk and think it’s a great fit for any DevOps Days conference.