Adventures in Community Management

By Jeremy Meiss

Elevator Pitch

Communities are unique with each their own DNA. The challenge/adventure for community managers is digging in and mapping that out. We’ll draw from almost 10 years of experience with one of the largest mobile communities, XDA-Developers, as well as work being done with Auth0, to learn new techniques.


Having spent the last 10 years working with XDA-Developers, the largest mobile community in the world with over 8mil members, and now Auth0, Jeremy has seen his share of challenge, excitement, adventure, and Internet trolls. He’ll delve a bit into that history and then circle back into the adventures of Community Management and Open Source - formation, lifecycle, participation, rewards, and death.


I would only need an HDMI connection as I bring my own presentation which does not need internet access. I feel I bring a unique perspective on Community and the Internet given my years with XDA. A video of a recent presentation can be seen at