How Live Coding Changed My Life

By Jesse R Weigel

Elevator Pitch

I have been live coding nearly every weekday for over a year for freeCodeCamp. It has changed my live. My fear of others seeing my code is gone. My skills as a dev have increased at a remarkable rate. Most importantly and unexpectedly, a caring and helpful community has developed.


How do you get over a fear of others seeing your code? Start live coding on YouTube of course!

Follow me on my journey from being a solo dev who was afraid of showing my code to anyone to live coding on a YouTube channel of nearly 300k subscribers. Along the way my skills improved dramatically. An amazing community of developers of all ages, locations, and skill levels has grown around the live streams. Live coding has changed my live as a developer and as a person, and I think anyone can enjoy the benefits of live coding.


There are no technical requirements for this talk.

I have lived through this experience and can speak about it with passion. I also was a teacher for nearly four years, so I am used to attempting to convey something meaningful while trying to keep things interesting and fitting it all into a short time slot.

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