Jakob Hilden



I work as a Full Stack Web Developer at the lovely small web agency Railslove in Cologne, Germany. At Railslove I help clients to ship awesome products on the web and to build successful development teams. I especially enjoy helping early stage startups scaling their business.

Besides client work I also have a couple of side projects that I like to work on. This includes being an active facilitator of the local developer community (Refugees On Rails, Cologne.rb, Railscamp, CoderDojo) and contributing to some small open source projects.

My academic background is in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and I’m generally very interested in everything that happens between users, web applications and other users. Besides Frontend Development, this also involves UX & Interaction Design, Analytics, User Research, and Product Management.

I’m also extremely interested in everything that makes a team work well together. I like to establish and improve agile development processes and to create supportive team environments (e.g. through techniques such as non-violent communication).

My Talks