Joelle Maslak

Denver Area, Colorado, USA


I have worked professionally in the network space over a quarter century and am also a CPAN contributor, in both Perl and Raku. Because I’ve dived into networks and software development deeply, I have learned a lot about both areas that I wish I knew before I walked down some paths. I think I can make an interesting and (somewhat) entertaining talk about networking, where beginners would gain some insight that would help them at work as well as a talk where more seasoned people will still learn something - I’ve worked with networks on a scale that most people haven’t. I’ll gear the talk to have concepts that both groups can enjoy.

I currently work as a Senior Network Engineer. During my career, I’ve worked for a top-tier CDN, state government, and numerous enterprises as a network engineer, with special focus on low-level network software development, anycast, DNS, and routing. I’ve been involved with Perl for 25 years.