Joshua Gabriel Oluwaseyi



Joshua Gabriel Oluwaseyi is a Nigerian Climate Activist, Web3 Enthusiast, Award Winning Social-Entrepreneur, and Int’l Speaker. He is currently the Chief of Operations at Supersonic Finance LTD an early stage DeFi Tech Startup building an ecosystem of cross-chain solutions offering safe, secure and easy to use decentralised products and accelerate web3 adoption. He is also the Operations Lead and Sustainability Consultant for HazeMonkeyNFT, a growing NFT collection aiming to build an NFT creator economy through no-code tools.

As a Climate and Environmental Activist, he is a recipient of several multinational recognitions including Teen Vogue 21 Under 21 Honoree, Ashoka Climate Changemaker, Doha Debates #SolvingIt26 Honoree, inzaLAB and Future Minds Network 25 Under 25 Honoree, Global Teen Leader, UN MGCY Youth for Migration, was named one of the 100 Most Influential Young Leaders in Nigeria and is the founder of Gen Z led global nonprofit, LEARNBLUE.