Juan Ramón Acosta



Juan is a Senior Software Architect with Cisco’s Cloud and Software Solutions technology group. Responsible for the Service Interface Framework (SIF) API for Cisco Managed Services Accelerator Platform (MSX). Lead the development of Cisco Network Automation Provisioner (CNAP) for Microsoft Azure, a resource provider that allows deployment of an end-to-end Software Defined Data Center Network using APIs.

As part of the Advanced Services’ Cloud IT Transformation (CITT) Practice. Juan helped Fortune 500 customers go thru their transformation from traditional Network Engineering & Operations into NetDevOps leveraging Network Programmability.

Finally, Juan was one of the pioneers in Cisco that drove the concept of Software defined IP Phones to reality and was the Lead Architect of Cisco’s Computer Telephony Integration Object Server (CTI OS) and its SDK that exposed a programmability model for network-to-desktop CTI, and allowed multimedia contact management over an IP network.