Oklahoma City, OK


Kevin serves as the Chief Information Officer for the Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group, a municipal interlocal cooperative agency with emphases on technology risk, cybersecurity, and cyberliability insurance for cities and towns in Oklahoma. With 21 years of technology experience, Kevin has spent 18 of those years in government technology leadership roles focusing on a wide range of citizen services, including adaptive technologies, K-12 and Postsecondary educational technology, and application development for State natural resources and transportation services. His peer-reviewed research paper, “Immaturity and Moral Hazard in the Cyber Insurance Market” was the featured cover article in the ISSA Journal for October 2019 and named as a “Best of” article for 2019. Kevin has a Masters of Science in Information Assurance from Oklahoma State University. He was the founding chair of the Oklahoma State advisory subcommittee on web accessibility requirements, and currently serves as a founding officer of the Oklahoma Cybersecurity Coalition, and a Board Member of the Infragard Oklahoma Members’ Alliance.

My Talks

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