Kevin Blanco

Costa Rica


Meet Kevin Blanco, an accomplished Technology Evangelist, currently serving as a Senior DevRel Advocate at Appsmith and a Tech Director at Decimal Studios. With a steadfast commitment to advancing the global developer community, Kevin’s mission is to engage, support, and empower developers worldwide.

Kevin’s expertise lies at the intersection of infrastructure, architecture, engineering, and digital product innovation. Over the span of 14 years, he has spearheaded multiple projects and development teams, orchestrating high-availability digital platforms at scale with staggering demand and transactions per second. His domain includes the design, deployment, and maintenance of cloud solutions, a task he undertakes with finesse, minimizing time, impact, and cost.

A prominent figure in various tech communities, Kevin has earned trust and respect through his active involvement in open-source and product-centric ecosystems. As a Google Expert Advocate in Google Cloud and a Pantheon Hero Advocate, Kevin’s contributions have been instrumental in shaping and nurturing these communities. His impressive portfolio includes speaking engagements at events, content publication, mentoring of fellow developers, and impactful contributions that have solidified his place as a trusted voice. Notably, he was a featured speaker at DrupalCon New Orleans 2016 and DrupalNorth Canada 2016. Recently, Kevin was honored as the keynote speaker at Google I/O Toronto 2023, where Google sponsored his participation.

Drawing from his 14-year tenure in the tech industry, Kevin boasts a multifaceted background spanning front-end, back-end, mobile development, and devOps across the United States, Canada, and Europe. In the past five years, he has excelled as an Architect, Tech Lead, Tech Manager, and Tech Director, leading multifarious projects for high-impact digital platforms. Kevin’s ability to orchestrate cloud solutions with utmost efficiency has proven invaluable to his teams.

Beyond his technical prowess, Kevin brings an artistic dimension to his work. With a degree from Film School and certification as a Davinci Resolve editor and colorist, Kevin leverages his creative acumen to deliver high-quality, engaging live streams. His recording studio, equipped with cinema cameras and superior audio facilities, exemplifies his commitment to producing exceptional content.

Kevin’s impact extends beyond technology; he’s a community builder at heart. He founded and nurtured the Costa Rica Drupal community and the Costa Rican Javascript Community, transforming them into thriving hubs with a dedicated community of contributors. His leadership, organizational prowess, and presentation skills have been pivotal in shaping these communities.

My Talks

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