Konstantin Gredeskoul

San Francisco, USA


Konstantin is an avid ruby expert, and a four-times CTO who fell in love with Ruby in 2006. Since then he built two large e-commerce sites, and two socially connected e-commerce marketplaces, one of which (Wanelo.com) reached peak traffic of 1/3M RPMs with average latency of 80ms. Konstantin has a passion for building well-oiled engineering teams from diverse backgrounds that harness the incredible power of pair-programming, TDD, collaborative software designs, infrastructure automation, and continuous deployment. He authored over fourty open source ruby gems, and is fluent in Ruby, C/C++, Go, Java and BASH. His gems have been downloaded over 17M times and his Slideshare talks have been watched by over 250K people worldwide, and range on a variety of topics, from using object stores and lambda functions to do high scale event collection and analytics, to scaling web applications atop of PostgreSQL RDBMS, to building enterprise software using Ruby on Rails. He spoke at several Ruby conferences in the past, as well as conferences on PostgreSQL, DevOps, and leadership.

Speaking at RubyConf Australia (Melbourne) in particular is his absolute dream, because before coming to San Francisco in 1998, Konstantin studied at Monash University, Clayton campus in mathematics, and then worked for three years at a leading Australian open source firm https://www.cyberitsolutions.com.au/ where he met some of his early mentors. By speaking at RubyConf Konstantin hopes to give back to Melbourne some of that mentorship that he himself received while working in the CBD.