Visualizing User/Server Load through the Elastic Stack

By Jay Miller

Elevator Pitch

Many web developers know of Elasticsearch as a fast reliable way for searching for information, but this talk will show how we can tell the server and user stories at the same time using the the Elastic Stack.


The story of Elasticsearch seems like a simple one. If you need to make your data searchable, store a copy in Elasticsearch. But there is more to that story. Elastic has an ecosystem of products that to tell a story around both internal and external data. Companies use the Elastic Stack to gain insight on websites, businesses, and products. praises folks for sharing code they think is ugly and the story that it tells.

We’ll look at web traffic from and examine trends in code written, analyze web traffic, and look at server load. I’ll explain ingesting that data from nginx and server system logs using Beats. Then we’ll look at analytics from Enterprise AppSearch and visualize the entire story with Kibana.