Kevin A. McGrail

Washington D.C. Metro Area


Speaker Mini-Bio

Kevin A. McGrail Director of Business Growth, InfraShield Member, Apache Software Foundation

Kevin A. McGrail, aka KAM, is Director of Business Growth @ His team supports cyberphysical security in both Information Technology and Operational Technology to assess, defend, recover and restore high-value, high-target critical infrastructure systems.

Kevin loves open source software and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation where he has proudly served as Chair for Apache SpamAssassin, Assistant Treasurer and VP Fundraising. He is a cyber security and privacy expert with his research integrated into numerous commercial platforms protecting >30% of the domains on the internet.

He is also an advisor for & and a Director at His latest honor is being selected as a US Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary.

Kevin has spoken all over the US as well as worldwide in Canada, Germany, Belgium, Sweden & China on Open Source Software, the Cloud & Cybersecurity.