The Meaning of Multicloud

By Lorna Jane Mitchell

Elevator Pitch

Can you even multicloud? Do you want to? This session covers what multicloud even means, and how you can get there. Also when you might, or might not, want to.


Cloud was a daft name for “a lot of other computers” and now we’re taking this to new heights with “hybrid cloud”, “multicloud” and “distributed cloud”, the whole thing is out of control. Behind the silly names there are some solid innovations that are changing the way that we do things in the cloud, and that could have a positive impact on all our applications. Once upon a time, our choices were to keep everything on-prem, or to choose one cloud vendor or another. In this session, we will examine how the hybrid cloud can be a stepping stone to a true multicloud setup, and whether that is an achievable or even a desirable setup to aim for. Common pain points of being cloud-independent for deployments will be identified, and some approaches shared to make that easier. The session will cover the different types of multicloud, whether moving from one cloud to another is a realistic goal, and when deploying across clouds is a useful tactic. This session includes a good overview of the landscape and some recommendations for how to move forward in your own journey to multicloud.


Full disclosure, I work for a multicloud dbaas provider … but don’t be scared! Seeing the work we do to make our stuff work on all the clouds, and seeing the customers that use us as part of their hybrid cloud and multicloud setups made me want to bring all this knowledge together and share it somewhere that there would be people who could understand and benefit from it. So, here I am, in the CraftConf CfP :)