Introduction to OAS

By Lorna Jane Mitchell

Elevator Pitch

OAS (the successor to Swagger) is a machine- and human-readable way of describing your APIS. From OAS, you can generate documentation, code and an abundance of other Good Things (TM).


Open API Specification is a machine and human readable way to describe APIs. From these specs we can generate documentation, create libraries, and ensure that our users know exactly what to expect from our APIs. This talk shows you around OAS from the very beginning, from introducing JSON and YAML for the data format and working up from there. You’ll learn how to represent your APIs and how to structure and navigate the spec documents. There will also be recommendations for resources and tools to help you along your way. This talk will showcase some of the things that your API can do when it has an OAS to describe it. This session is recommended for writers looking to become more API-savvy and API engineers wanting to make their APIs more useful to their users.


I’m an API enthusiast, experienced conference speaker and an author. I love to share good things with people and OAS is definitely a good thing. It’s not super easy to get started with but it’s absolutely worth the effort and I hope to share what I know and help a few more people get started with this excellent tool! Here’s a list of my articles, talks etc: and to save you from having to dig around for it here’s a video of me speaking