Web Developer's HTTP Toolbox

By Lorna Jane Mitchell

Elevator Pitch

HTTP is the wiring of the web. Learn about it and the tools you need to win at HTTP-enabled applications of all kinds.


You say “toolbox”, I say “treasure chest”. We work on the web building so much more than web pages but these rich, asynchronous applications can suffer from ailments that are difficult for us to see. This session is a tour through some of the best tools around for working with HTTP to observe interaction between components and diagnose problems. By knowing the tools at your disposal and the right job for each, you will be able to quickly and painlessly identify and fix HTTP-related problems - and then get to the pub on time! I mean, get the next thing done ;) Whether you’re debugging a backend API, an asynchronous client request or an unexpected timeout, these are the tools you will want to have at hand.