A Meritocracy of Pull Requests

By Lorna Jane Mitchell

Elevator Pitch

If pull requests are how developers communicate, then this is your conversation class. Come for tips on creating acceptable pull requests and only accepting the good ones.


We often speak of open source as a meritocracy; everyone’s patches are welcome. However with git used in the workplace as well as open source, being good at pull requests is a key career skill for all developers. This talk combines git tips, psychology and years of experience to present key information on working with pull requests. How to open one in a way that will make it more likely to be accepted without drama. How to review and evaluate a pull request so you don’t regret it in the morning. How (and if) to merge pull requests, including those big words like rebasing and squashing. And how to close them, merged or not. This talk recommended for everyone who uses pull requests and wants to work on this key skill.