Buffalo: Rapid Web Development in Go

By Mark Bates

Elevator Pitch

Put the fun back in writing Go web applications using the Buffalo framework. A Ruby on Rails inspired, idiomatic, web framework written in Go. Fun, Fast, and easy!


I have spent the past 18 years building web applications. Starting with ASP 3.0, then to Java, then to Php, then to Ruby, now Go. I have seen it all. I love Go, but the current state of web development is painful. I continually keep turning to Ruby on Rails. This needs to stop now. Welcome Buffalo!

This talk will end in a demo that includes building a new database backed application and deploying it Heroku. The demo, however, is not the point of this talk. The point of this talk to explain why the Go community needs a tool like Buffalo.

The web is everywhere. It’s the largest segment of the developer population. Even if your job is not writing web applications, chances are you have and probably do write them. Through web applications we can bring more people into Go, increase the size of the community, increase the adoption of Go, and finally increase the number of Go jobs.

That is the why of Buffalo.