Getting to Know Go

By Mark Bates

Elevator Pitch

In this laid back session we’ll crack open VIM and find out what the buzz around the Go programming language is all about. Live coding, questions, answers, and a whole lot of concurrent fun will be had by all!


When one of the world’s largest companies, Google, says they built a language to solve their scalability and reliability issues, don’t we owe it to ourselves to listen? Go is that language, and you know what, it’s pretty freakin’ impressive.

In this session we’ll open an editor and build some code. This session is laid back, and meant to be interactive. There are few slides and “prepared content”, instead we’ll write some code live and have fun learning Go.

Some Topics covered:

  • What is Go?
  • Basic language idioms
  • Cross platform binaries
  • goroutines
  • Channels and synchronization
  • Embedding and Composition
  • Web development Buffalo

While these topics can only be covered at high-level due to time constraints the audience will come away with a deep understanding of what Go is (and isn’t) and when it should be used (and should not).