Practical Data Science with R

By Matthew Renze

Elevator Pitch

In this full-day workshop we will learn how to use the programming language R and the practice of data science to transform our data into actionable insight.


Data science is the practice of transforming data into knowledge. R is the most popular programming language used by data scientists. In our data-driven economy, this combination of skills is in extremely high demand, commanding significant increases in salary, as it is revolutionizing the world around us.

In this workshop, we’ll learn about the practice of data science, the R programming language, and how they can be used to transform data into actionable insight. In addition, we’ll learn how to transform and clean our data, create and interpret descriptive statistics, data visualizations, and statistical models. We’ll also learn how to handle Big Data, make predictions using machine learning algorithms, and deploy R to production.

All course materials, including course prerequisites, can be found here:


I have given this full-day workshop at six conferences including CodeMash, KCDC, DevUp, and soon DevSum (Sweden). In addition, I have delivered this workshop on several occasions for my clients, which include multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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