~~Atomic~~ Coding habits

By Mauricio Chirino

Elevator Pitch

The talk will consist of coding systems every developer should commit to, regardless of their seniority and type of job. Whether you’re a Jr on a big company or a Sr working for an emerging startup, these systems will make you more productive and overall avoid stressful situations in the long run.


~~Atomic~~ Coding habits

The idea of the talk is lay a ground for the best practices to flourish in our day to day coding. Some of the topics that will be expanded will be as follow:

  • Lasting habits are formed from personal identity
  • Make good habits sticky -> building systems around good practices
  • Add friction to bad habits -> replace old ways with good / actionable actions
  • Naming matters.
  • A TDDish way of doing things.
  • Documentation on the go and having AI helping us in this (Xcode setup for the win)


Please let me know if you need further explanation in either of the topics so I can expand on it.