Micah Silverman

-- on the road --


Micah is Snyk’s Director of DevSecOps Acceleration. With 28 years of Java Experience (yup, that’s from the beginning) and 21 years as a security professional Micah’s authored numerous articles, co-authored a Java EE book, and spoken at many conferences. He’s a maker, who’s built full-size MAME arcade cabinets and repaired old electronic games (http://afitnerd.com/2011/10/16/weekend-project-fix-dark-tower/). He brings his love of all things security and Java to a conference near you!

My Talks

Beautiful SDK Design in Java for APIs

Blasting Browser Security with Extensions

Hacking OAuth: Pitfalls and Remedies

Load Testing the Hard Way with JMeter and DigitalOcean

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect (In Plain English)

Securing Java Microservices with Java JWT

SOLID Principles in Action: from Slack to Twilio

Testing in Production