The New Hire: Navigating Your New Job

By Mike Dorman

Elevator Pitch

You’re likely to change jobs many times during your career. Nailing the interviews and getting the right offer is just the beginning. The real challenge begins on day one of the new job. I’ll offer some tips for navigating culture, systems, and coworkers to make your next chapter successful.


Most people in our industry change jobs every 5-7 years. We’re generally good at selling ourselves and interviewing to land new opportunities. But once you’ve selected your new place to work, it can be difficult to adjust to new coworkers and a new culture (not to mention different systems and procedures.) The initial rush of your first day quickly fades away into the reality of being the new person and feeling like you’re not making any contributions to the team.

It gets better! Eventually, at least. I’ll share some ideas to help get you past these awkward early weeks of a new job. From the challenge of getting to know new people, to adjusting to a new culture, to bringing your experience and knowledge to the table without stepping on any toes, there are many ways you can be proactive to make the transition more successful. Whether you’re just starting out in your career, or are a 20-year DevOps veteran, these soft skills are useful for all of us.


I’ve been through three major job changes in my 15-year career, each one at a more senior level. Each one has brought unique challenges. This talk will come mainly from my experiences and what’s worked well (or not) for me and others in similar situations. I think it’s relevant for most people in our industry, since job changes are becoming more and more common. This will be a highly practical talk with quick hitting ideas to give the audience some tangible take-aways.