Austin, TX, USA


A DevOps professional with pioneering work on the world’s biggest Internet real-time event and web sites across the engineering, operations, content, and marketing disciplines. Mark’s focus is on people and software development along with system design thinking for the whole life cycle: he can build, grow, and manage teams, applications, networks, and servers to work together while planning and nurturing their continuous improvement.

Mark first touched the Internet in 1991 when he was sponsored to do undergraduate research. After graduation and Internet withdrawal, he joined the first national commercial Internet Service Provider (before the world wide web).

One of the web masters of Netscape,, and, Mark was part of the world’s largest media and earliest web sites. Mark progressed to Developer Relations, where he became the JavaScript and LDAP Technology Evangelist. One compliment, “Mark is an engineer who can speak,” captures his ability to relate technical subjects to anyone.

Mark’s approach mixes software engineering disciplines with art and operations, embracing Internet architecture, real-time media, and the ability to nurture people, developers, networks, and systems to work together. His multidisciplinary practice is complimented by the term DevOps.

You can review Mark’s career and endorsements on LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter @calm_mark and GitHub @mlavi, or read his blog. (updated 2019-02-21)