Introduce PSF, and PyCon around Asia which I have joined or help.

By Noah

Elevator Pitch

of course you know PSF, but do you join yet? had you tried to join other PyCon around your city or country? do you interest to know what’s different of each PyCon around Asia? do you know how to help Python even just a Python newbie? these, it is what I want to share.


we all love Python, but do you know PSF?
we know PyCon Singapore, or PyConAPAC, do you know there are so many PyCon or Python User Group near by? we also love to make a connection to everyone who have a same ideas, but do you want to make a connection to other country by Python? I will introduce how PSF works, and what’s mission of PSF, and I will share my experience of being volunteer or staff or organizer of many PyCons around Asia included Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia,…..and PyConAPAC since 2015. PyConUS and EuroPython will be a bonus.


skill: a very basic knowledge of Python, even just heard.

I want to promote Python and PyCon and Open Source Event which I knew in Asia or around the World. I am managing member of PSF, I also have been a volunteer for PyConTW/PyConJP/PyConKR/PyConID/PyConMY…..and each PyConAPAC since 2015. my experience told me to promote Python, we could help more people to know about our community, which it’s a huge community in the world, I also want to connect each PyCon, not only just attending, but also sharing information to each PyCon organization in hand to hand/face to face.

if possible, I would like to share 30 min in regular talk, but currently, there are no topic suitable for talking about community or PSF.