Multiplayer Pac-Man with RSocket

By Oleh Dokuka

Elevator Pitch

Are you building a networked app? Focusing on real-time or making a multiplayer game? You would never imagine that development of apps that interacts through the network could be so easy. With RSocket these dreams become a reality. Using RSocket, you can build fast and reliable system as easy as pie


One of the most challenging aspects in building modern games is making it multiplayer. Can we use HTTP there? We can, but we will not get a real-time game. Can we use WebSockets / TCP? Of course, we can and we should! However, developing API on top of WebSocket is another challenge that no one wants to solve, but everyone does. Existing libraries do not give us a required variety of communication models. Today we will show you the way to tackle this - using RSocket. RSocket is an application protocol that makes developing of any networked application easy as pie. To prove that, we are going to build a multiplayer Pac-Man, and during the process compare different ways of making a multiplayer game.