Refactor to Reactive with Spring 5 and Project Reactor

By Oleh Dokuka

Elevator Pitch

That talk is sharing the central refactoring steps to move WebMVC based application to the new WebFlux. In general, it means changes in the mindset, in the design and in the way the data goes through the system. Emphasizing those points is crucial for those who decided to move to Reactive.


Are you Spring 4 Framework user? Have you ever had troubles with Reactive System? Have you ever gotten rid your whole existed codebase to make the high-throughput system? Have you ever feel the pain during migration? If yes, I have a good news for us, with Spring 5 and Reactor, development of Reactive System is a dream. During the talk, we will go through the central concepts for refactoring of Blocking, Non-Reactive Application to Reactive. We will cover techniques which will help us in the optimization of the system. In turn, we will apply different patterns which will help us in achieving Reactive System step by step without rewriting the whole logic from scratch.


Here is a good record of that talk that was nominated as the best talk of the second day at RigaDevDays 2018 -