RSocket - Future Reactive Application Protocol

By Oleh Dokuka

Elevator Pitch

Are you doing microservices? Got exhausted of slow REST? Got mad of unreliable gRPC? An answer is RSocket. RSocket in a new network protocol with reactive streams semantic. It will make your system super fast and resilient. Come and learn why RSocket is the future of any cross-services communication


Are you making microservices/cloud-native applications? Are you frustrated by slow REST? Tired of unreliable gRPC? Do you need faster client-server communication, but don’t want to invent your own WebSocket-protocol? RSocket is a new application-level protocol capable of reactive streaming that can be used to simplify the way enterprises build and operate cloud-native applications. It enables traditional enterprise developers to build sophisticated, cloud-native, distributed applications.

RSocket is transport agnostic and can be used on top of any transport protocol like TCP/Aeron or even on top of HTTP/2 or WebSocket. RSocket has various interaction models so it can satisfy the needs of today applications. The protocol is agnostic when it comes to programming languages, message formats, and API architecture. Any developer can use RSocket to meet all business requirements. RSocket simplifies life for any startup or enterprise, whether it is used in a protocol implementation like Java, C#, C++, JavaScript or deployed in an RPC framework.

In this presentation, we are going to cover all these cases and concepts and answer why, when and how you can start using RSocket today and how high traffic giants like Facebook, Netflix and others have adopted RSocket.


Hey program committee!

I’m one of the core team for RSocket, RSocket-RPC, and Proteus framework that we are building on top of that at Netifi! Along with that, I’m one of the top committers to Project Reactor on top of which is built RSocket-Java and RSocket-RPC-Java

In this session I’m going to show the core concepts of RSocket, explain why do we need that. Along with that, I’m going to introduce a few additions for RSocket, called RSocket-RPC and then compare to gRPC.

During the whole talk, I’m going to enforce everything with demonstrating code samples, running stress tests, and in this way - explaining the core ideas, features and endless possibilities of the new Protocol.