Sean Scott

Boise, ID, USA


Sean is an Oracle ACE Director, Oracle Certified Professional, Data on Kubernetes Community Ambassador, and the author of “Oracle on Docker: Running Oracle Databases in Linux Containers.” He’s a Managing Principal Consultant with Viscosity North America, specializing in database upgrades, migrations, RAC/MAA, HA and DR design and implementation, Oracle Engineered systems, DevOps, automation, and Docker/containers.

My Talks

Achieving Extreme Scalability, Availability, Tenancy, and Sovereignty with Sharding

Advanced Docker Recipes: Building Complex Oracle Environments

Autoupgrade - Myths and Methods

Data as Code: Exploring Data and Database Portability

Getting Started with Oracle on Docker

Learn how containers work by playing Tic-Tac-Toe

Oracle Sharding for the 99%

Run Oracle Database Upgrades on Docker

Workshop: Run Oracle Database Upgrades on Docker