Peter Berkenbosch

The Netherlands


Peter has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and got his start in the exciting world of ”Enterprise Java.” After discovering Ruby and Ruby on Rails in 2007, everything changed: he launched a Spree store, started actively contributing to the Spree community, and eventually, became a core team member at Spree. Since May 2015 Peter’s focus has shifted from Spree to Solidus.

Peter has a knack for producing high-quality code that is tried & tested, and can often be heard asking “are there any specs?” He usually works remotely from a small town in the Netherlands.

Currently Peter works as an independent e-commerce developer and consultant for a number of different agencies and stores, from troubleshooting (performance) challenges with large scale storefronts to development of (opensource) extensions and Saas storefront products and anything in between.

In his spare time, Peter loves hanging out with his children, fly-fishing, playing soccer, wine and dine, and cross-country runs with his adorable English Stafford.