Secrets of Testing Rails 5 apps

By Prathamesh Sonpatki

Elevator Pitch

Testing Rails 5 apps has become better out of the box. Rails has also become smarter by introducing the test runner. A lot of effort gone into making tests especially integration tests run faster.

Come and join me as we will commence the journey to uncover the secrets of testing Rails 5 apps.


In this talk I will discuss new features introduced in Rails 5 related to testing apps. I will share relevant examples, share internal details about implementation. I will also focus on direction of testing Rails 5 - moving towards more integration testing and it’s advantages.

Audience will understand how Rails 5 has improved testing experience overall and hopefully get inspired to use default Rails stack for testing.


Ruby & Rails community has been always a strong believer in testing. Rails has been on forefront on guiding it’s users on testing strategy with it’s focus on tests for so long. With Rails 5, the tradition is continued with more features, improved experience and focus on integration tests. This talk will share these new features and ideas and will be important and relevant to audience.

I am involved with the development of Rails 5 and has been keeping an eye of features related to testing. I have also written blog posts on the topic of testing Rails 5 apps.