Hidden features of Rails 5

By Prathamesh Sonpatki

Elevator Pitch

There are many interesting things in Rails 5 including Action Cable, API only support, test runner and much more!

There are some hidden features too like versioned migrations, changes to testing strategy and so on.

Let’s focus on those hidden things and how they take Rails forward.


I will discuss various features and additions coming up in Rails 5 that are not buzzwords but are still important and improve Rails in various directions with appropriate examples. These features though not very user centric, they make Rails more secure, more robust and more useful full stack framework than never before.

Audience will understand that there is lot more stuff in Rails 5 other than regular features which they can use to make their apps better.


I have been involved with Rails 5 development for some time now. Also because of working as co-editor for Rails weekly newsletter - https://rails-weekly.ongoodbits.com/ - I am watching Rails 5 development over the last year closely. I am also part of Rails issues team.

So I know what is coming up in Rails 5 :)